Our cider vinegar is exclusively produced from apples that we grow ourselves that are hand-picked, washed then pressed. The fresh cider is naturally transformed into vinegar by its sugars first becoming alcohol, then acetic acid. Once the vinegar has reached the optimal level of acetic acid, it is aged in oak casks to enhance its nutritional value and taste. The gelatinous filaments (mother vinegar) that develop in the bottle certify its authenticity.

Consult our “Recipes” section or get more information on the benefits of cider vinegar by ordering our book “Les vertus du vinaigre de cidre” (pdf, available in French only); more than 55,000 copies sold!

You can also find our cider vinegar in numerous health food stores throughout Quebec and in certain fine food stores such as Marché des Saveurs du Québec, at Jean-Talon Market. Request it at your favourite store!

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